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Dharma Indian Dry Gin

is the world’s

first & only  spirit inspired by Ayurvedic practice. 


Indians believe that there are natural Ayurvedic superfoods that adapt to aid your body's specific needs. Dharma Gin utilizes Ayurvedic botanicals that come directly from India, because it's important to us that we distill with the highest quality of ingredients that are intertwined with our history and culture.

Our Dharma - our duty - is to showcase a variety of unique botanicals, so vastly different from one another, yet blended together in perfect harmony, creating a delightful balance of Ayurvedic ingredients.



In 1825, British army officers who landed on the shores of India were plagued with malaria. As they tried to find a cure for this rampant disease, they began to mix their favorite spirit - gin - with bark from the Indian Cinchona tree, also known as quinine. Utilizing Indian Ayurveda with their gin, one of the most iconic drinks in the history of spirits was born: the gin and tonic.  


Dharma, which translates to the journey of finding life’s true purpose, is setting out to re-establish this historical partnership between Britain and India by creating the world’s first Indian Dry Gin inspired by ancient Ayurveda. 


DHARMA INDIAN DRY GIN has been tasted & tested over 50 distillations.

We have crafted the perfect gin to be enjoyed neat, at room temperature, or in a classic gin cocktail.

Unique to the craftsmanship of our gin, pouring DHARMA neat is our favorite way to savor the layered flavors bursting on the palate, with each sip having its own distinctive richness. 

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Mena Massoud

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Mena Massoud is an actor, author and entrepreneur of Egyptian heritage. He studied Neuroscience at the University of Toronto and graduated with a BFA from Ryerson University. After working in the restaurant industry, he founded his company Evolving Vegan, and published his first book. Mena is best known for his international billion-dollar success of Aladdin. His most recent film, The Royal Treatment, was the number one film in the world on Netflix.


Emily Shah

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Emily Shah is an actress in Bollywood & Hollywood, and has starred in Jungle Cry & Fortune Defies Death. She is also a former Miss New Jersey USA, being the first Indian to compete at Miss USA. She has a Bachelor’s Degree from California State University for Media Management. Emily started Dharma Gin two years ago, working on over 50+ distillations to craft the most perfect gin, in efforts to highlight her background and culture. 


Prashant Shah

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Prashant Shah (PS) serves as Founder and CEO for Bollywood Hollywood Production, a content production company. He brings more than 25 years’ experience in Media, Entertainment, Technology, Food and Beverage industries. He has been nominated for Entrepreneur of the Year by Ernst & Young, NY. He has also been nominated for and won several film festival awards.



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